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IDDescriptionAssigned toStatus
IDDescriptionAssigned toStatus
3ECTS credit changing for MIS 209, from 4 to 5B1Closed
2ECTS credit changing for MIS 203, from 6 to 5B1Closed
1Prerequisite relationship between ECON 101 and ECON 102B1Open


Open - an issue is created. Nobody has started working on it so it’s kind of a backlog.
Started - a developer started his work on this task/issue. In kanban terms started tasks/issues fit into the In-Progress category.
Untested - it’s an optional status to show that issue seems to be fixed but needs some Q&A.
Closed - the issue is resolved (or task is complete).
Blocked - it’s a special status that shows that work on the issue/task is not possible at the moment by any reasons.